How To Stop The WordPress Comment Spam

These days it is often seen an increase in the wordpress comment spam. However, enabling the comments to get posted on the WordPress blog provides the readers to interact with many other people. The healthy following of the visitors creates the sense of community as well as enhances the popularity of the blog.


Using Yahoo Answers To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Yahoo Answers is immensely popular, as it is one of the most highly-trafficked websites today. Many times you make a search online you’ll find Yahoo Answers being ranked at the top of Google. That’s the kind of positioning you want to get access to and traffic from. There are countless people on there each and every day searching for the right product to buy!


SEO for Forums and Blogs

Forums and blogs are comparitively easier to promote on inernet than other websites. The reason for it is that they are more often crawled by Google and other spiders and are therefore gets easily indexed. A new page or an update of a normal website might not get indexed for days before pinging, but blog and forum posts are automatically indexed in a few days and sometime on the same day without making any effort. This makes their SEO & promotion easy.


Techniques For Building Backlinks To A Brand New Site

Building backlinks for a brand new site is different to building backlinks to an aged site. You can’t just build thousands of backlinks during the first few weeks and not expect to get attention from Google (only the wrong kind). By going overboard with backlinks early on you can very easily get your site penalised and end up ranking so far back in the search engines it could take you months to appear again.


How To Find A Desperate Niche And Give Them What They Want

What is a niche market? To put it quite simply, a niche market is simply a ‘topic’ or ‘category’ under which your blog could fall under. It could, quite literally, be anything at all. Business, finance, stamps, coins, dogs, cats, language, apples, oranges, clothes – any one of these things could potentially be a niche market.


How To Effectively Presell Your Customers And Make The Sale

Many bloggers struggle with this, and that’s why copywriters can charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to create one sales page. It doesn’t need to be difficult though – preselling effectively is all about getting inside the mind of your potential customer. What are their needs? What are their wants? What do they want to achieve? Are they desperate to solve a particular problem? By understanding your customer, you will know how best to target them.


Finding The Sites That Will Accept A Guest Blog Post

Guest posting on other people’s blogs is an excellent way to increase traffic to your own site or blog and to build your following. You might not be getting much traffic yourself, but if you post an informative, useful article on someone else’s, you could very quickly get 1000’s of new visitors. Basically you are leveraging the success of the other person while at the same time providing good content for their blog. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.


How to Make a Living From SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is popularly called, is quickly becoming a seriousbusiness and like any other profession, it too has got great scope for earning big bucks!


Driving Traffic Through Long Tail Keywords

Google is under two decades old and SEO is even younger! As the concept of SEO started, its use was limited to ranking a website for highly competive keywords. For example, a fitness website would try to get top 10 rankings for keywords like weight loss, quick weight loss, fast weight loss etc. But as the time passed and SEO become more sensible, both SEO gurus and clients realized that ranking can not be limited to a chosen few keywords and has to be more comprehensive to attain better results in a long run.

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